Our duty: Research and Documentation

The library contains about 4000 volumes on German and European history in the 19th century. Important newspapers of this time, which are available on microfilm, are also part of the collection.

One of the most important tasks of the foundation is the preservation of Bismarck’s private papers. The edition of these papers is one of the most important tasks of the Otto-von-Bismarck-Foundation. For students and researchers Bismarck’s papers are available on microfilm. Results of conferences that are organized by the foundation, monographs and lectures about Otto von Bismarck and his time are published by the foundation in the Wissenschaftliche Reihe and the Friedrichsruher Beiträge. All the publications can be purchased in bookshops.

Special events, lectures, films, touring exhibitions and other activities, which are to assist in making the memorial a lively forum, will be announced in the daily papers in good time.

The Mission of the Otto-von-Bismarck-Foundation

Preserving the memory of its formerly leading statesmen is one of the most important tasks of any nation. Therefore, in 1997, the German Bundestag decided by statute [Link auf das Bundesgesetz; siehe Linkliste] to honour the first German Imperial Chancellor Otto von Bismarck by establishing an independent foundation to acknowledge his achievements.

The unification of Germany which had a lasting impact on European Politics was essentially Bismarck’s work. With it the “white revolutionary” met the demands of the national movement as well as helped the modern age in Germany to break through. By pursuing a defensive foreign policy he tried to make the powerful Reich bearable for Europe at the same time. The effects of his politics can still be noticed today.

The mission of the Otto-von-Bismarck-Foundation is to explain the relationship between past and present in order to thus contribute to the comprehension of the historical development of our society and our country in the 19th and 20th centuries. To fulfill this task the foundation has been made a center for historical scientific research about Otto von Bismarck and his time. Within the framework of political and historical education, the Otto-von-Bismarck-Foundation offers seminars and public lectures for students and teachers as well as for all fellow citizens who are interested in their own history.